Integrated Planning

SGC will strategically plan your annual campaigns across a multitude of platforms. We all digest information in different ways so it is essential to be in front of potential clients in their preferred reading habits:

Mr Smith the Architect in Print

Mrs Brown the Specifi er via the App

Mr Singh the Contractor via the website

Mrs Lewis the Developer via the digital Magazine

Missing one of the above routes to market will ultimately reduce your chances of potential business from that demographic of reader. To avoid this occurring we will carefully select the right media and the right service providers for your brand awareness campaign / product launch / CPD or event.


We will negotiate the right deal for you within budget using the philosophy, “what if it was my budget!”

Over several years of working with Steve we know that he is always willing to put in the time and thought to make sure that our marketing messages are put in the right place, in the right way and presented to the right audience – so that we can rest assured that our points, products or projects are being effectively conveyed to the industry.

Daniel Ash – Flowcrete

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