Our Services

Steve Gull has nearly 20 years’ experience selling a multitude of media into the financial and construction markets in London, Hong Kong and the USA. His passion is listening to his clients, establishing their needs and proactively setting about maximising their Return on Investment through carefully-planned and strategic marketing.


There are a number of ways to access the media, and knowing what formats to use can impact on how effective your marketing campaign will be. SGC does not believe in running an advert, or placing a banner or writing a press release if each of these efforts do not form part of a wider campaign and clear message.


Any investment needs time to mature, whether that be real estate, financial products or your marketing efforts so consistency and continuity are essential ingredients.


SGC will advise on the best way to reach out to your preferred target audience using the following services:

Integrated Planning

Print Advertising Options

Digital Advertising

Digital Strategy


Telesales and Incoming Call Filtration

PR & Content Strategy

Social Media